Saturday, April 17, 2010

thanks friend.

texting with my friend

me: I miss you, just so ya know....i wish we could hang out and watch a movie you would fall asleep during...

you: i miss you too, i think you're beautiful, and i am jealous of all your tortured artist friends that get to see you all the time.

somehow, you always say precisely the thing i need to hear. thanks friend. i do miss you.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

another text from my dad...

here is another installment of "Texts from my Dad"

Happy Easter.
Looking out the window i can see a little brunette, white shoes flashing, racing across the lawn. Easter eggs to be found. First one, then another, pretty soon there can't be any other. full basket, mother's camera, little sister's yammer. ah easter morn.

Well, babe we're going to miss you. i'll have to eat your share of the prime rib, i think i can do it. you guys will have to buy a chocolate bunny and have a nice dinner.
love, Dad

is he the best or what?