Tuesday, September 15, 2009

be still

i have been noticing this funny thing we humans do. we try to "outlove" eachother. Sometimes it is just over something silly like a song or a tv show and we stand there in a circle and we try to convince the other people that we are the one single person who loves this specific thing the most because we have listened to that song thirty times a day or watched that tv show so many times we can quote it back verbatim. Of course other times we try to outlove other grander things. most specifically, other people.

I hate this.

then of course i was thinking about the things and people i love. i don't want to have to stand in a circle and prove to others how much i love them. I want to be still and be quiet and know the power of my own love even when it is silent to anyone else. My love of you does not need to be proven to anyone else. it does not need to be greater than anyone else's love. It just needs to be evident to you and it needs to be the best i can give. it is mine and it is for you. I don't care how much anyone else loves you because i know how much i love you. and i hope you know too. and that is enough. perhaps a quiet and confident love that does not need to prove itself to anyone is the most powerful of all...

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