Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Before I left I thought I knew what it meant to miss something.
I thought I knew what it meant to be homesick.
I thought I knew all sorts of things...

after I arrived I realized I didn't know anything.

And I learned so many knew things. I learned definitions of many words beyond the brief, removed dictionary. I learned in buses caught and missed. In conversations had and skipped. In teardrops shed in the shower. In time spent awake in very wee hours.

I learned new definitions. new words. the old words I thought I knew became obsolete.

and despite the inevitable harshness of the way life teaches lessons, I have found I am grateful.

Sometimes I think there is nothing more comforting than remembering I have so much left to feel. So much I haven't experienced. So many words I think I understand now that I will come to realize I have had all wrong.
There is so much left in life. so much life to be had.

and I want to feel it all.
I want to live the definitions. and perhaps make some of my own.
I will create new words.

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