Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't go changing.

Today I am sad that things must change, but that doesn't change the simple fact they must. it doesn't change that they should. You should be with her. We don't feel that way for each other. In fact that is one of my favorite things about us, our easy comfortability and knowledge of who we are as a pair. No matter what people may say, we know: we are friends. and of course that won't change.
the next time you call her up cause you want to talk i will try not to feel my stomach sink as i realize i am not "your person" anymore. maybe i never was really, but sometimes i got to feel like i was. you don't want my opinion; you want hers. you don't want to watch a movie next to me on the couch. its not exciting to hold my hand. when i am there and so is she, i am the wall paper. its not so much a feeling of jealousy so much as it is just a feeling that something is gone. Something i used to have is now gone from my hands. I would give it to her gladly. I love her a lot too. you guys could be great together. this is the way things should be. it is the way things should happen. I am not your person anymore, but its ok. I love you. and i will always will be your person if you ever need one. Go get her. slay the dragon. be the shining white knight. make the rescue. I will be the one who video tapes it. deal?

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