Monday, April 13, 2009

"what a beautiful mess this is"

I am in love with this picture. I think this picture is a a very good demonstration of what i think about life. First of all to look at it is breathtaking, and then you look closer and you can see that while each flower is beautiful and unique, the whole thing is a sort of jumbled and tangled mess of intertwining leaves and stems and roots. Its is confusing and if you were buried in it it would probably seem dark and hopless, but the truth is that each flower, though wrapped around others, is its own and has its own roots and its own freedom to grow. And then above it all is the light. The light that makes everything glow and makes it all feel so hopeful. and most importantly the light is what helps us make sense of the mess below.

some of the flowers bloom and some have not. some have grown tall and others have shyed away from the sun. some are pink and some are red and some are white. but each of them share the same earth and the same needs.
life is beautiful.
and i am going to the beach tomorrow.

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