Saturday, May 9, 2009

and the winner is...

I won a Drama Award last week. I never expected to. I won Student Choice Best Actress in the the spring semester. WHAAAAAAT? And perhaps this is all quite silly, i mean it is just the "philly's" at college and the award is just a piece of plastic, but i have probably never felt more honored by anything in my whole life. The show that it represents will always be so close to my heart and the fact that so many people voted for me is sort of beyond my comprehension. I suppose for that show i felt like i had never worked harder on a role and i had also never been so awful. i mean i like to think by the end i got pretty good, but still, I can't believe i won. It makes me feel so loved and so proud and so...everything i can't figure out how to say. I am so thankful. and blessed.
i love drama awards.

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