Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Woman Unwanted

there are many stories about wanted women. i don't mean wanted in the criminal sense of the word, but rather wanted in a desirous, amorous sense. Thousands upon thousands of stories of boy gets girl line the walls of libraries and bookshelves and lie haphazardly across coffee tables and cluttered desks. There is truth to the phrase "every story is a Love story". No matter how gory the movie, no matter how action packed, there is always a romantic subplot somewhere.
The wanted woman. she is well known.
what about the unwanted woman? what about the woman who has never known the affection of a man? what about the woman who learns the world on her own two feet rather than swept up in someones arms? what about her story?
i can tell you she has one. in fact she has many. She has tales of triumph and power as well as tales of weakness and broken spirits. the story of the woman unwanted is an epic, but it lives silenced somewhere. we took away her value.
we can learn a lot from unwanted women. we just have to learn to see them.
i for one have a lot to me.

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