Wednesday, August 4, 2010

i have a new thing.
i get new things from time to time. by now i have a quite a few things. small oddities and personality quirks....things.
but i am rather enamored with my new thing. i can't figure out why it happened or exactly when, but recently every single time someone takes a picture i cannot help but wonder what will happen to that photograph. I wonder if it will be framed and hung in someone's living room for people to see. or perhaps it will be scapbooked by someones mother. or maybe someone will write a date on the back and then lose it in a dresser drawer. maybe someone will put it in an "album" on facebook, or just maybe make it their profile picture. what if it becomes famous and the world will recognize it in a few years. what if it is a picture someone keeps in their wallet next to their dollar bills and pennies. what if it becomes a picture someone hides and only takes out when they are alone. What if it captures a perfect, unforgettable moment?
i make up all kinds of lives for these pictures. i choose the ones that go on the mantel. and the ones that never make it off the camera...

i know. its weird. you dont have to tell me.

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