Sunday, August 29, 2010

things i loved recently..

I have been noticing some thoroughly lovely things about life.

let's start with the enchanting silvery moonlight that flung its beams into my bedroom last week. When I was lying in my bed I could see the full glowing moon smiling down and sharing its shimmery light with me. It filled me with delight for a few nights in a row and made me feel safe and comfortable and glad that there are still mysteries in the world.

also, i love that as a "adult" i reserve the right to eat a few bites of ice cream while i am cooking dinner.

the word "whimsy". what a good, delicious word. I could go for a bit more whimsy in my life, i believe. just say it. whimsy. whisper it. and sway while you say it. close your eyes. let the whimsy all the way in.

drawing and painting and general child-like craftiness. i feel very good about it.

singing power ballads with complete abandon while i am driving alone in my car on the freeway. if you don't feel like anyone can hear or see you, then they can't....

the way black ink looks scrawled all over a clean white page.

the car wash. behold the great joy of the power sprayer and the excitement of the time limit and the peculiar pink tinted soap. Best seven minutes of my day.

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