Wednesday, August 4, 2010


i have been having thoughts on silliness. I just think silliness is so important.
sometimes i am really bad at being silly and i find that regrettable.

anyway, my thoughts on silliness:
my friends and i were discussing artistic endeavors a few weeks ago and we began debating the value of "silly" things. I can understand why people miss the value of silly things. I can see why people think that they lack value because they don't necessarily change you or inspire great thought and action. but then again, perhaps they do, in their own way.

I love art. i love the impact that can be made through it. I love the beauty and the mystery and the greatness that comes from it. but i do think that some greatness does come from silly things. While serious art may inspire me to action and make me want things in the future, i find that silliness reminds me to be fully thankful for the moment at present. to my way of thinking silliness is completely about being in the moment. it is about living to the greatest possible level at any given time. Silliness has no self consciousness or worry about what others will think. Silliness just is what it is. that is the only way it can exist. being silly makes you feel alive. when i think back on my life many of the silly moments are my favorite. the moments that ended in peals of laughter that made my sides hurt...those were the moments i appreciated everything that i had. and it was because of the silliness.

also, i find endless inspiration in silliness. some people may read shel silverstein poems or Dr.Suess books and think that they are just silly, childrens books. but not me. The important thing about silliness is it reminds me of the boundless opportunities for creation. silliness is imaginative. reading these things as a child, and even as an adult, taught me that there are still great things to be found. words to be created. new thoughts to be had. and beyond that, that i should not try to reign in any of my ideas because they were "silly". Without silly ideas, without the freedom to have silly ideas, much of what we have would never have been.

we should all take time to be silly, and, perhaps, to look a little deeper and find the value in things that we thought were simply silliness. because, it turns out I don't think silliness is simple after all.

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