Wednesday, August 4, 2010

daydream believer

among my favorite things about college is that it is a land of dreams. during my four years i heard so many grand visions and plans and hopes for the future. It is really kind of incredible. And the best part about it is that while we are here, learning and preparing, we fully believe that every one of those big dreams is possible. we see this whole world as a land of opportunity and possibility and we think that there is no good reason that anything should stand in our way on our trecks to success with its many different definitions.
It seems to me that once we have graduated most of us can't see the possibilities or the opportunities. All we can see are the limitations we seemed to have overlooked. I wish we could get back our dreams and believe in them in that same unbending way. This is the same world. All the things we thought could be there can still be there.

i want to remember this about college for as long as i live. I have never been anywhere where more people believed in their dreams.

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