Wednesday, August 4, 2010


i love this blog very much. It makes me feel better knowing it is here. i feel better when i write things down.

But i was thinking about blogs today...and i was thinking that there are some things i hope this never becomes. Some people have blogs for the sole purpose of venting. i don't want that. i don't want this to be a place where i come and complain all the time. I don't want it to be a place where i put myself on a pedestal and write about other peoples problems. I don't ever want to write something brutal about anyone else. i don't want to write things i am too afraid or embarrassed to say to someone's face.

I have tried very hard to maintain these rules so far. i try to avoid using anyone's names. I try to just put out my viewpoints without belittling anyone else's. i try to limit my entries to my own troubles or thoughts. And while i do want this to be a place where i can write about things that have upset me or things that sting my heart, i mostly want it to be a place where i can write my thoughts on what it means to be alive. on how i sat in the hammock and ate ice cream today. On how much i loved doing that. on how i like the feeling of the sun in my eyes. on how many great mysteries there are to this world. I want this blogspot to feel like a celebration of everything involved with getting to experience life. I even want to celebrate the sad and lonely bits because i get to feel them and they matter and they are important.

and so, to the faithful few who read this blog, celebrate with me. Feel things as far as you can and be glad for it. don't let me complain and mope. thats not why i am here, and i can do better than that.

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